NATO Satellite Finds Russian Troop Build-Up Near Ukraine Border

April 10th, 2014

NATO’s satellites on Thursday unveiled photographs of 40,000 troops near the Ukrainian frontier complete with tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery and aircraft ready for action. According to Gary Deakin, a NATO British Brigadier, the Russian force is indeed “very capable” and “at high readiness.”

Deakin said that once Russia gave the order, the troops near the border could mobilize very quickly into Ukraine. He estimates that it could move in in just 12 hours.

NATO’s satellite photographs showed the Russian forces at 100 different entry sites close to the Ukraine border.

Despite the photographic evidence, Russia denies having sent forces near the border and is accusing NATO of promoting through fabrication support for its organisation.

Russian’s military action and UN-denied annexation of Crimea had forced NATO to drop all its relations and activities with Russia. The annexation had also caused the biggest upset in the relationship of eastern and western countries ever since the “Cold War.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry accused Russian agents of instigating separatist unrest, with Cossacks in Crimea supporting its annexation with Russia. However, Russia denies all accusations.

Accoding to Deakin, the Russian troops had also deployed electronic warfare units, helicopters and aircraft.


Car Sales Going Down For Younger Generation Because of Conflicting Perspectives

March 31st, 2014

According to a survey cited by, the younger generation born during the rise of the internet were not too interested in owning vehicles anymore. According to the survey, the younger generation weights technology to be more important rather than owning a vehicle.

According to the studies of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, cited by the website, the number of vehicles sold from 2007-2011, dropped by 30%. Only 54% of teenagers obtained their licenses before they turned 18 years old. According to the website, it was contrary to the past when a long line of teenagers went to get their license.

The website said that the internet and social media had helped decrease the number of car sales. The perspective of car manufacturers had always been fixed on their formulas for the older generation, who viewed that movies, music, cars and motorcycles earned then their individuality. Today’s generation conflict with such perspective, seeing that social media can give them the self-affirmation and individuality they need as a person.

According to the website’s research, economic factors also played a great factor. Many graduates had to pay off their student loans. They are also highly-motivated and they know their value for money and they garner $200 billion for America alone.

The post said that car manufacturers should focus their car designs and efforts more on how they can do how gadgets appeal to the younger generation. Mobile devices that allow them to share, capture and create is now appealing for the younger generation, if vehicles had these features, more would be interested to buy them.

Venezuela Remains Divided Ever Since Chavez’s Death

March 6th, 2014

Venezuelan Hugo Chavez’s death had created a deep divide among Venezuelans. Many people still love and hate the president. In the anniversary of his death in the previous year, the Venezuelan government succeeded by President Nicolas Maduro, had held a parade that had a cannon salute and a religious service for the historical president.

According to interviews by local news sources, people saw Hugo Chavez as a person with superior gifts and compared him to religious figures like David and Moses. According to some dedicated to the positive side of Chavez, he lives in their hearts.

Many supporters of Hugo Chavez had lined up to see the parade. While they were dwarfed by the number of attendees during Hugo Chavez’s death last year, they still remained faithful.

Chavez’s remains are kept inside a dark marble sarcophagus that has four honor guards, four soldiers with scarlet dress uniforms with gold braid and high black hats topped with tall red spikes.

Chavez’s mother, Mama Elena, wore black and attended the parade. She was reportedly seen hugging a visitor who she told to keep Chavez’s memory in their hearts.

Meanwhile, business leaders and opposition political leaders in Venezuela had attended a meeting and had spoken about how to overcome the country’s economic problems and cooperation between the government and the private business sector. However, the meeting was boycotted by opposition leaders who thought it was only for press.


An Offender is Not Always a Villain in a Personal Injury Claim

February 17th, 2014

More often than not, representatives claiming compensation for a victim of an accident, regardless of work or car accidents, often view the offenders or responsible parties as the ‘villains’ of a litigation. It is important that both sides retain an objective view of the situation because nobody obviously wanted the accident to happen. While this is easier said than done, an offender or responsible party should not be viewed as the bad guy.

It is substantially clear that the offender or responsible party did not intend to make the accident happen. He or she might have been under the influence of substances, might have been careless in his or her actions on the road, or just following the rules before the accident happened. Offenders and responsible parties in auto accidents usually have difficulty spotting dangers on the road.

It could also be possible the victim is at fault. A victim hit by a car during a ‘go’ traffic signal is likely to get hit by vehicles or cause one or more vehicles an accident with each other. If a victim acted irresponsibly during an accident scenario, then he or she also contributes to the accident.

If you believe you cannot handle an objective view of making a claim you could contact for a legal claims representative to do the job for you.

Indian Supreme Court Latest Indian Gang Rape Crime Very Disturbing

January 24th, 2014

Chief Justice of India P. Sathasivam said that the Birbhum gang-rape case was “very disturbing news.” He said that the Supreme Court will be taking suo motu cognisance and has issued a notice to the government in West Bengal.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had sacked Birbhum Superintendent of Police C. Sudhakar for failing to seek police reprimand for the 13 suspects in the gang rape case. The Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate, Bolpur Pijush Ghosh had rejected a Kangaroo Court order to allow the bail petitions of the 13 suspects.

Indian police had arrested 13 men suspected of raping an unidentified 20-year old woman, who is currently recuperating in a local hospital on Thursday morning. The victim blames the village elders of Birbhum in West Bengal as the propagators of the gang rape after the entire village disapproved of the girl accepting the proposal of a non-tribal man from another village.

The two were ordered to pay Rs 50,000 (£360) for violating the tradition. The man’s family had paid his portion. However, the womans’ family was unable to pay. The woman said the village leader ordered that she was to be “enjoyed” by the men of the village. She lost count of the men who raped her.


Palestinian Envoy Killed in Prague Blast, Czech Officials Rule Out Terrorism

January 2nd, 2014

The Palestinian Envoy to the Czech Republic died in a bomb blast after a safety trap exploded as he opened a safe in his Prague residence. The explosive device exploded by the error of the envoy. Czech police ruled out the possibility of sabotage or terrorist attack.

Envoy Jamal al-Jamal had died of severe injuries caused by the explosive device. The explosion occurred while triggered the safety trap as he opened the safe by mistake, according to official spokeswoman Andrea Zoulova.

Al-Jamal were only moving into Czech a few months as he was appointed Envoy to Czech since October 11.

Prague Central Military Hospital Lead Surgeon Daniel Langer said that the envoy suffered severe injuries to the head, chest and stomach. Another 52 year old woman was also taken to the hospital after inhaling fumes from the explosion as she passed by, but was released at a later time.

Zoulova said that the police investigation indicated that the reason for the explosion was was careless handling, which detonated the safe’s decoy system. The Czech police said that no indication of a sabotage or terrorist attack can be found.

The Palestinian Authority’s envoy, along with other envoys in different European countries, aimed to advance the cause of recognizing Palestine as a state.


US Government Still Stresses Snowden Should Face Crimes

December 17th, 2013

Privacy-revered hero Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor who leaked the agency’s spying activities on citizens and other countries, is asked to return to face the government’s charges against him. However, an National Security Agency official expressed that he should be given US amnesty instead.

According to White House Spokesman Jay Carney, US President Barack Obama still has not changed his views against Edward Snowden. Obama still believed that Snowden faces felony charges and should return back to the country to face his crime.

Currently, Snowden is granted a temporary asylum in Russia.

NSA Official Richard Ledgett said that granting Snowden asylum in the “right conditions” is something worth discussing about. Ledgett is an officer that is responsible for assessing the damages done by Snowden’s leaks. He said that if he is granted asylum, he may provide the rest of the information stolen by Snowden to be secured to prevent high level intelligence leaks.

Edward Snowden exposed the spying activities of the National Security Agency and its UK counterpart, the GCHQ. The NSA had used underwater network cables and other technology that had crossed the lines of privacy between individuals and diplomats. He also exposed that the NSA indiscriminately collected data from technology companies without their consent.

Al-Qaeda Spliter Group Claims Attack on Beirut Iranian Embassy in Lebanon

November 20th, 2013

The Abdullah Azzam Brigades, linked to the terrorist group al-Qaeda said that it was responsible for the dual suicide bombing that happened outside Iran’s Embassy in Beirut in Lebanon. The attack had claimed 23 lives, including one senior Iranian diplomat and injured 100 people. The attackers claimed that the assault was to spread a message of blood and death to Iran and Hezbollah, who support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Senior Iranian Diplomat Ghazanfar Roknabadi, was killed. He was already retired from his position a month earlier and was moving on to monitoring regional cultural activities.

Embassy Security chief Radwan Fares was also killed during the suicide bombing.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attacks. He had called on Lebanon to stay vigilant because such attacks are indiscriminate and may involve other people. US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the attacks were senseless and despicable and that the US’ hearts go out to the victims of the bombing.

Aside from claiming the Iranian Embassy Bombing, the Abdulah Azzam also claimed they fired rockets at Israel, calling their actions a “double-martyrdom operation” by the Sunnis of Lebanon. According to them, it is only the beginning of the operation.

They called on withdrawing Hezbollah members from the Syrian civil war under the Syrian regime and the release of prisoners in Lebanon.

However, Iranian officials holds Israel as responsible for attacking the embassy. They said that mercenaries from Israel had attacked the country.


Egypt’s New Regime Plays Hard on Hamas, Hitting Gaza Hard

October 16th, 2013

Palestine and the Hamas felt the great price rise on daily goods and services right after Eid al-Adha, a very important Muslim festival. Markets became quiet as more people found it difficult to spend on daily goods. Aside from great price increases, unpaid salaries are by far the worst concerns concerning Egypt’s closing of smuggling tunnels created by the Hamas in the Gaza-Egypt border.

The increases in prices were attributed to the cost of transportation, the lack of power that would allow field irrigation and the fact that Palestine and the neighbouring countries are also lacking water.

People have begun buying less, making it difficult for business proprietors to pay wages to their employees. Palestine and Hamas economy were slowly rotting due to the recent political instability in many parts of the Middle East.

Israel’s sanctions on Gaza to defeat the Hamas government faces a new adversary in the new Egyptian government, who had outlawed ousted President Mohammed Morsi’s and his political party close to the Gaza, the Muslim Brotherhood. The political party had allies in Gaza, to which the Egyptian military sealed off Egyptian smuggling routes.

Cheap Egyptian fuel drove down much of the price of goods in Gaza and with the new government, the fuel crisis not only increases the prices of goods, but also the price of power. Households are now getting only 8 hours of power daily.

Aside from goods, the smuggling tunnels also allow terrorists to pass into Gaza bearing black market goods sold between Egypt and Israel.

The Average PPI Compensation You Could Receive

September 30th, 2013

PPI or payment protection insurance is designed to cover your loan and mortgage in case you get sick or have an accident. However, due to the manner it was sold by banks and bank representatives, PPI had cost consumers £3700 per insurance policy.

However, if you want to know your full PPI compensation, it is advised that you work with a loan PPI calculator to help you estimate.

You don’t only get a refund from PPI repayments you’ve made; you can actually get refunds for compound interests.

Compound interests are rates that add up with your loan interest rates because of your insurance policy. A claimant had already received six-figures because of two credit cards with compound interests. If you find that your insurance policy had increased your loan interest rates, you could reclaim your refunds for the added interest rates as well.

An average compensation from a mis sold PPI could be as high as £10,000 if you owned it for more than six years. Never settle for banks who tell you that they do not keep records of bank accounts for more than six years. You are owed money and you could even get higher than £10,000 in some cases.

Ensure that you are working with professional claims handlers such as PPI Calculator to ensure you get your complete refunds.